Considerate {Consider It!} Workshops

Tween, Teen & Parents Workshops

Our workshops focus on creating space for tweens, teens & their parents. We know families these days have enough on their plate - attending our workshops purposefully carves out space to engage, understand and communication with each other regarding topics we know are uber-important, but have a tough time finding time to fit in-between activity to activity. 

Workshops can be run as a Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son or Father/Daughter, Father/Son workhops. We typically don't mix-up the genders of students as girls and boys tend to share more vulnerably when they are within the same peer group. Plus, they open up when engaged in different activities. If curious - just ask. We'll help you determine the best way to run a workshop based on your group needs.

Student Only Workshops

Do we hold student only workshops? Yes we do! Do we think it is important to include both kids & adults in these important conversations - yes. But we know that life doesn't always afford us the time.. 

In school, after school, weekends... Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts, Sports Teams, if you've got a group of students looking to connect and gain a greater sense of self, we're here for you. 

Acting Out - Conflict Resolution

This workshop strengthens the skills that tweens and teens need most - communicating honestly, listening with empathy and saying no when peer pressure pops up. Through role playing, writing & activities we discuss the importance of being mindful of who we are, what we need and what we can give. 

Failure - It's a Good Thing

This workshop helps our perfection-obsessed, everyday comparing, immediate-gratification kids and purpose-driven, time-crunched adults carve out time to focus on FAILING! Yes, First Attempts in Learning are necessary to grow and succeed in life...! What? Failure is important and I should try it more often? YES! Group activities & pair work are great starters for those deeper conversations that can help address anxiety and the stresses young adults face. 

I Love Me

Best run as a Mother/Daughter Workshop or girl only workshop, this program focuses on questioning the standards set before us - no matter the age, through media - tv, magazines, billboards, social/online... females are told they are beautiful based solely on their outward appearances. In this workshop, we share, discuss and learn to remember what makes us beautiful - who we are and what we do with our lives... 

Raise Your Hand, Raise Your Voice - Be Seen & Heard Off-Screen

Kids too often are stuck behind their screens. What about you dear parent?Yes you... even adults needs space away from the online world. While instant access to the great wide world of information is for sure a plus, this workshops strengthens our ability to have those eyeball-to-eyeball conversations, raise our voices to be heard, say and mean yes or no with our voices and our body language.  Basics in conflict resolution will be touched upon.

Design, Dream, Do

This workshop utilizes programming from the outstanding Girls Driving for a Difference curriculum. Originally created for girls, the program is gender-neutral. At the heart of the program is the notion of using critical thinking skills like design-thinking to empower students to become leaders of social change. The creative problem solving aspect of design-thinking leaves space to discover passions & interests while building the the belief and self-esteem of middle schoolers. This program allows kids to walk away thinking, "I can be a leader. I can make an impact. I can make a difference in this world."