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Berks County, PA

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Kind Living Designs

KLD Considerate workshops: emotional intelligence leadership

what they are saying

 “Thank you for the intentional and innovative planning you provide for students. You take such care to listen to our program needs and arrange lessons that inspire creativity, confidence and problem solving in students. I greatly value your expertise and partnership with IU13.” 

Gifted & Enrichment Services, Lancaster/Lebanon IU 13 

"Spring Township Library had the pleasure of hosting Kind Living Designs for two programs this summer. Kristie brought a joyful energy with her to the programs that was contagious and took time to make each child feel comfortable as they began. Her programs are mindful in nature and encourage the child to feel confident seeking out his or her own comfort and confidence level in any given situation. I think it is so critical that children are offered programs like these, in which their own perspective is valued and heard verses somebody else deciding that for them. I would definitely recommend Kristie for any parent or educator who is looking for an uplifting and relevant speaker to work with."

A. Hunter, Children's Librarian, Spring Township Public  Library

"I recently attended a workshop about social media and identity for tweens and their parents given by Kind Living Designs. Kristie is an excellent facilitator! Upbeat, friendly, fun, and insightful. The workshop got my son and I talking and thinking deeper about WHY we post what we do and WHY others might as well. I would highly recommend this program to parents and teens!" 

A. Garber, Parent/Tween Workshop Participant

"I have used Kind Living Designs many times over the last few years... each and every time Kristie gets it right! I especially love that I can call her up with an idea barely generated and she can bring it to life. I highly recommend her creativity for her etsy products and workshops -  for gifts for everyone on your list!!" 

T. Nierle, Happy Customer & Parent

At the SEE Seminar today, I learned, "how to improve the world around me, how I can learn to be a good leader & what kind of leader I am." 

Student, Lancaster/Lebanon IU 13

At the SEE Seminar today, I learned, "to be mindful, that our strengths can be used to solve issues locally at a young age & not all leaders are the same, but they share some very important traits." 

Student, Lancaster/Lebanon IU 13

"Miss Kristie put different perspectives on stress. I can show myself compassion."

Student, Lancaster/Lebanon IU 13

"She was great at describing things, she kept me entertained with the really fun games. I love that she uses videos to teach us, too."

Student, Lancaster, Lebanon IU 13

"Miss Kristie helped me understand that I need to stop overthinking things. I learned that I have a normal amount of stress. And that makes me feel better."

Student, Lancaster/Lebanon IU 13

 "I learned that it is not good to change who you are because of what other people say or think. I learned more about being authentic in situations where I might be nervous to..."

Girl Scout, Raise Your Voice Program

"This program will give me and our troop the base and push to move forward in developing our girls as leaders."

Girl Scout Leader, Journey Program Participant