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The Real You on Social Media

Who is the REAL you? Participants in this workshop will explore authenticity in relation to themselves and others with a strong focus on the "self" while on social media. Sniff out stereotypes and point out the un-reality of our online world today. How can we use social media to our advantage & to our communities' benefit? Participants connect and engage together face-to-face & eyeball-to-eyeball using fun activities and games. Being likable is important to everyone. What is more important is knowing how to be comfortable with the REAL you. Be YOU on and off screen.

Improve the World Around You

This program allows students to walk away knowing, "I CAN make a difference." Using parts of the Girls Driving for a Difference curriculum, as well as intentional mindfulness and empathy-building fundamentals, students use design-thinking to empower students to become leaders of social change.The creative problem solving aspect of design-thinking leaves space to discover passions and interests while building the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of the participants. Small groups, working together, will determine how to use leadership style to create social change. Kids walk away thinking, "I can be a leader. I can make an impact. I can make a difference in this world." 

The Power of You + YET

This workshop helps our perfection-obsessed, everyday comparing, immediate-gratification kids carve out time to focus on FAILING! Yes, First Attempts In Learning are necessary to grow and succeed in life...! What? Failure is important and I should try more often? Yes! Group activities and pair-work are great starters for those deeper conversations that can help address anxiety and the stresses our youth face. Students will learn to hear & temper their internal critic, handle their external critics with kind assertiveness, and learn the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Empathy & mindfulness activities abound. Learning with practice & patience up their sleeves, kids walk away knowing they CAN try and fail and still succeed.

World Meets Words

How do you meet the world with your words? Do you communicate with words that remain true to yourself and values? Get creative and dive into the world of words. We'll chat and discuss famous and not so-famous individuals who used their writing to change the world. You'll practice your skills by creating poems, writing stories and conducting interviews. Learn to share your voice with personal authority and integrity! 

Finding your PEACE

Through games and activities, students explore how to have open and honest friendships and steer clear of peer pressure. Learn how to handle your emotions, manage conflicts, and bring inner peace to yourself and your friendships. As with all KLD workshops, a healthy dose of discussion around  empathy & mindfulness, active listening and building our emotional vocabularies takes place. From "I was just kidding" to handling aggressive conflicts with an assertive voice - kids learn strategies to help them find their PEACE. 

The Mindful Leader

What does being fully present and aware of your emotions have to do with leadership? What is mindfulness and how do you get it? Through interactive mindfulness & empathy games, students learn the basics of mindfulness. Just what does being mindful mean? And why would knowing how to breathe properly help you become a GREAT leader? What?! Students often think being a leader means having all the answers. This workshops turns the tables on that theory and blows it out of the water teaching students the connection between being a GREAT leader & managing emotions.

Stress-Less Student

School brings more homework and big test days. It can require the challenge of giving a presentation in front of the class or working in small groups for projects. There are definitely situations in middle school that can cause stress and anxiety. This  workshop is specially designed for students so they can spend intentional time exploring ways to flourish in school and at home. An interactive day for students, they learn they can take charge and thrive when faced with feelings of frustration, overwhelming to-do lists and the need to just relax. Through large group activities and small group discussions, students will learn about how active learning, using brain and body together, can help them take charge and re-charge! Good 'Mental Health' means nothing more than taking really good care of the brain... and don't we all want to keep our brains healthy and strong? Students will spend the day exploring together:

·  the emotions behind stress and how to navigate them,

·  how active learning and movement can help combat stress,  

·  how our brain works so each of us can learn to successfully “stress-less”.

Authentic Communications - Hardening our Soft Skills

Face-to-face communication for students is becoming more stressful, harder to do and uncomfortable because of our good friend, the cell phone. Arguments are started and settled (but not really) over text 

messages, friendships are ruined because of snapchat. Being able to introduce yourself to someone in person with eyeball-to-eyeball contact and a good handshake is a skill set that is imperative but getting lost in the shuffle. This workshop helps boost the confidence needed and discusses the science behind why behaviorially we need to know how to communicate authentically in person and not just feel safe on our screens.

This is Your Brain Online

We all know the dangers of social media when it comes to our mental health - our sense of self-esteem, our self-image and how we view ourselves. But do you know the facts behind screen time and how it can affect your developing brain? Students will dive into social media, discussing how to be authentic online as well as what screen time does to their ever-growing and developing brains. What happens when they put themselves in front of a screen? Large-group active learning throughout the day will keep students engaged as they explore how the brain works and why it is so important to put down those devices! After the workshop, maybe students can even encourage their friends and family to do the same! Learn why moderation is key and how active learning grows big brains!  

Spoken Word

 How do you meet the world with your words? Do you communicate with words that remain true to yourself and your values? Students get to be creative as you dive into the world of words. We'll chat and discuss famous and not-so-famous individuals who used their writing to change the world. You'll practice your skills by creating poems, writing stories and conducting interviews. Together, we’ll explore Spoken Word Performance which is definitely poetry (almost like a song) but is created in many different styles. You will discover the world of Spoken Word through videos and develop a creative presentation of your own by the end of the day. Learn to share your voice with personal authority and integrity!  

KLD Brain Games

KLD Brain Games are 30-minute or 1-hour programs where kids are engaged in social/emotional & active learning group activities. Kids LAUGH, HAVE FUN, CONNECT, and use their brains in ways that require strong skills in patience, resiliency, self-efficacy, thinking outside of the box and of course, empathy & mindfulness.

Workshops FAQs


Workshops can be scheduled in 2, 4 or 6-hour programs. 

KLD Brain Games can be scheduled in 30-minute or 1 hour increcements. 

Pricing varies based on length of program and location of program. 


KLD can travel to your space OR KLD will help groups find meeting space for workshops, building space rental cost into the overall pricing.


At KLD we love to work with all kinds of people - young to old. Any program can be modified to fit your needs!

Send us an email or give us a call to learn more! 

Girl Scout Journeys in a Day

Seniors/Ambassadors - It's a Girltopia

What is your vision for your sister of the world? Learn about young girls around the world who are sharing their passion for creating social change. Get creative as you use art as an outlet for sharing information and creating social change. What kind of leader are you and what role will you play in taking action? We'll use design thinking skills to empower each girl to reach her full leadership potential! End the program by completing your Take Action project. 

Cadettes - aMaze!

You'll be aMazed at what you can do! Through games and activities explore how to have open and honest friendships and steer clear of peer pressure. Learn how to handle your emotions, manage conflicts and bring inner peace to yourself and your friendships. 

Cadettes - Raise Your Voice

Smart girls question stereotypes and mainstream media messages. Work with KLD and your sister Girl Scouts to challenge typical standards for who and what a girl "should be". Explore various types of media and work collaboratively as you rethink the role that media plays in your life. Take action as you creat your own social media campaign about building girls' self esteem and how to utilize social media as a tool for community service and positivity. 

Juniors - Power of the Girl

You can be whatever you want to be! Explore the different roles you may take on as you get older and challenge yourself by trying new roles. Learn how to identify your passions and talents and express yourself as we wrap up with a Live Wax Museum event where parents, family, and friends are invited to learn about your hopes and dreams! 

Brownies - A World of Girls

Being strong isn't just about having muscles! Explore who you are and the power you hae to make important changes around the world. Through fun games and activities, you'll work with other girls to find a cause and make a cahnge for the better. End your experience with a live art exhibit where you can share your stories for change with your friends and family! 

Journey in a Day FAQs

Journey in a Day programs are offered as either a 2-day, 3-hour program OR a 6-hour program (5.5 hrs with a 30 minute lunch). 

KLD can come to you OR we can arrange for the site/location. 

Prices based on number of girls, travel requirements. Troops are responsible for purchasing Journey patches.

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